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"FRISCH GEBRANNTE MANDELN" which translates to "Fresh Roasted Almonds" is a popular treat in many areas of Germany. It is a new taste for most of us in the United States. Since 1988 the family of "The Almond Garten" has been busy introducing this special item to many areas of the United States. Perhaps you have seen us preparing the almonds at a special event in your area.

Our almonds are prepared fresh at each event in a special "Mandelbox" roaster. The nuts are glazed in water, cinnamon, sugar and vanilla, and then are dry roasted. The aroma of the glazing process is only equaled by the almond's delightful taste.

The almonds make beautiful gifts for any occasion, are perfect for parties, showers and other special gatherings, or make a wonderful treat for your own enjoyment.

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